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Aidan Kestigian
Carnegie Mellon University
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    Adversaries at the Bedside: Advance Care Plans and Future Welfare.Aidan Kestigian & Alex John London - 2016 - Bioethics 30 (8):557-567.
    Advance care planning refers to the process of determining how one wants to be cared for in the event that one is no longer competent to make one's own medical decisions. Some have argued that advance care plans often fail to be normatively binding on caretakers because those plans do not reflect the interests of patients once they enter an incompetent state. In this article, we argue that when the core medical ethical principles of respect for patient autonomy, honest and (...)
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    A Dilemma for Respecting Autonomy: Bridge Technologies and the Hazards of Sequential Decision-Making.Aidan Kestigian & Alex John London - 2022 - Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 47 (2):293-310.
    Respect for patient autonomy can apply at two levels: ensuring that patient care reflects their considered values and wishes and honoring patient preferences about how to make momentous decisions. Caregivers who seek to respect patient autonomy in the context of some end-of-life decisions face a dilemma. Because these decisions are fraught, patients may prefer to approach them sequentially, only making decisions at the time they arise. However, respecting patients’ preferences for a sequential approach can increase the likelihood that surrogates and (...)
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    Blogging as Practice in Applied Philosophy in Advance.Aidan Kestigian - forthcoming - Teaching Philosophy.
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    Blogging as Practice in Applied Philosophy.Aidan Kestigian - 2017 - Teaching Philosophy 40 (2):181-200.
    In the past decade, several professors have advocated for the use of blogs in undergraduate courses in philosophy, arguing that blogs are beneficial for student learning, as blogs are forums for student collaboration and engagement with course material outside the classroom. In this paper I argue that blogging assignments can be beneficial for introductory-level undergraduate courses in philosophy for two reasons yet to be fully explored in the pedagogical literature. First, blogging assignments can act as low-stakes practice for paper writing. (...)
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    Freedom as Non-Domination in Behavioral and Biomedical Research.Aidan Kestigian - 2017 - Research Ethics 14 (3):1-15.
    In the biomedical and behavioral sciences, it is widely recognized that researchers conducting studies involving human participants must respect the autonomy of research subjects. There is significant debate in the clinical research ethics and bioethics literatures about what it means for an individual to be autonomous. According to proponents of the Liberal Conception of Autonomy, an autonomous person is an agent who has interests and opinions and the capacity to deliberate about them. In contrast, proponents of the Relational Conception of (...)
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