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    Parental Control over Mate Choice to Prevent Marriages with Out-group Members.Abraham P. Buunk, Thomas V. Pollet & Shelli Dubbs - 2012 - Human Nature 23 (3):360-374.
    The present research examined how a preference for influencing the mate choice of one’s offspring is associated with opposition to out-group mating among parents from three ethnic groups in the Mexican state of Oaxaca: mestizos (people of mixed descent, n = 103), indigenous Mixtecs (n = 65), and blacks (n = 35). Nearly all of the men in this study were farmworkers or fishermen. Overall, the level of preferred parental influence on mate choice was higher than in Western populations, but (...)
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    There is more: Intrasexual competitiveness, physical dominance, and intrasexual collaboration.Abraham P. Buunk - 2017 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 40.
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    Intergenerational conflict over grandparental investment.Tim W. Fawcett, Pieter van den Berg, Franz J. Weissing, Justin H. Park & Abraham P. Buunk - 2010 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 33 (1):23-24.
    Selection on grandparental investment is more complex than Coall & Hertwig (C&H) propose. Patterns of investment are subject to an intergenerational conflict over how resources should be distributed to maximize fitness. Grandparents may be selected to distribute resources unevenly, while their descendants will be selected to manipulate investment in their own favor. Here we outline the evolutionary basis of this conflict.
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