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  1. Lukasiewicz's Logics and Prime Numbers.A. S. Karpenko - 2006 - Beckington, England: Luniver Press.
    Is there any link between the doctrine of logical fatalism and prime numbers? What do logic and prime numbers have in common? The book adopts truth-functional approach to examine functional properties of finite-valued Łukasiewicz logics Łn+1. Prime numbers are defined in algebraic-logical terms and represented as rooted trees. The author designs an algorithm which for every prime number n constructs a rooted tree where nodes are natural numbers and n is a root. Finite-valued logics Kn+1 are specified that they have (...)
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    Paraconsistent Structure Inside of Many-Valued Logic.A. S. Karpenko - 1986 - Synthese 66 (1):63 - 69.
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    Factor Semantics Forn-Valued Logics.A. S. Karpenko - 1983 - Studia Logica 42 (2-3):179 - 185.
    In this note we prove that some familiar systems of finitely many-valued logics havefactor semantics, and establish necessary conditions for a system of many-valued logic having semantics of this kind.
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  4. BCKX is the Axiomatization of the Implicational Fragment of Łukasiewicz's Infinite-Valued Logic Łω.A. S. Karpenko & V. M. Popov - 1997 - Bulletin of the Section of Logic 26:112-117.
  5. Modal Nye I Intensional Nye Logiki I Ikh Primenenie K Problemam Metodologii Nauki.V. A. Smirnov, A. S. Karpenko, E. A. Sidorenko & Institut Filosofii Sssr) - 1984 - Izd-Vo "Nauka".
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    V.A. Smirnov’s Results in the Field of Modern Formal Logic.A. S. Karpenko - 2000 - Studia Logica 66 (2):227-252.
    This paper is a survey of V.A. Smirnovs main results in modern logic.
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