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  1. Images and subjectivity: Neurobiological trials and tribulations.A. R. Damasio & H. Damasio - 1996 - In Robert N. McCauley (ed.), The Churchlands and their critics. Cambridge: Blackwell.
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  2. Emotion, Cognition, and the Human Brain.A. R. Damasio & H. Moss - 2001 - In Antonio R. Damasio (ed.), Unity of knowledge: the convergence of natural and human science. New York: New York Academy of Sciences.
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    Memory, language and decision-making: contributions from the lesion method in humans.H. Damasio & A. R. Damasio - 1992 - In Y. Christen & P.S. Churchland (eds.), Neurophilosophy and Alzheimer's Disease. Springer Verlag. pp. 108--122.