A. E. Pitson [5]Antony E. Pitson [1]Anthony E. Pitson [1]
  1. Hume’s Philosophy of the Self.A. E. Pitson - 2005 - Philosophical Quarterly 55 (219):359-361.
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    Hume on Primary and Secondary Qualities.A. E. Pitson - 1982 - Hume Studies 8 (2):125-138.
    In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content:125. HUME ON PRIMARY AND SECONDARY QUALITIES Hume's view of the primary/secondary quality distinction is, I believe, a matter of considerable interest. It bears upon Hume's position in relation to Locke and Berkeley, and has important implications for general features of his epistemology and metaphysics. The central part of my discussion will therefore be taken up with a consideration of those passages from his writings in which Hume refers (...)
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    Color and Consciousness: An Essay in Metaphysics.Anthony E. Pitson - 1990 - Philosophical Books 31 (3):167-169.
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    Projectionism, Realism, and Hume's Moral Sense Theory.A. E. Pitson - 1989 - Hume Studies 15 (1):61-92.
    In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content:61 PROJECTIONISM, REALISM, AND HUME'S MORAL SENSE THEORY* Introduction The character of Hume's moral theory is currently a topic of considerable discussion.1 We find in the recent literature essentially two sorts of interpretation of Hume's theory. On the one side there is the view that, for Hume, the distinction between virtue and vice is reducible to the moral sentiments of approval and disapproval. Associated with this view is the (...)
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    Of Liberty and Necessity. [REVIEW]A. E. Pitson - 2006 - Hume Studies 32 (1):187-191.
    It is possible to distinguish a number of philosophical threads which run throughout Harris’s discussion of the philosophers with whom he is concerned. The following are perhaps the most significant.
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    Themes in Hume. [REVIEW]A. E. Pitson - 2002 - International Philosophical Quarterly 42 (1):114-116.