Hadrianus Eunapius [4] Eunapius [2]Samuel Eunapius [1]Jean François Eunapius [1]
Fr Eunapius [1]
  1. The Lives, Opinions, and Remarkable Sayings of the Most Famous Ancient Philosophers. Written in Greek. To Which Are Added the Lives of Several Other Philosophers.T. Diogenes Laertius, Samuel Eunapius, J. Fetherstone, R. White & E. Philips - 1696 - R. Bentle [Etc.].
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    The Lives of the Sophists.Wilmer Cave France Philostratus, Eunapius & Wright - 1921
    In Lives of the Sophists Philostratus depicts the widespread influence of Sophistic in the second and third centuries CE. Lives of Philosophers and Sophists by Eunapius is our only source concerning Neo-Platonism in the latter part of the fourth century CE. Of the distinguished Lemnian family of Philostrati, Flavius Philostratus "the Athenian, " ca. 170-205 CE, was a Greek sophist who studied at Athens and later lived in Rome. He was author of the admirable Life of Apollonius of Tyana and (...)
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