1. Young infants' expectations about self-propelled objects.Renée Baillargeon, Di Wu, Sylvia Yuan, Jie Li & Luo & Yuyan - 2009 - In Bruce M. Hood & Laurie R. Santos (eds.), The Origins of Object Knowledge. Oxford University Press.
  2. Neddylation‐CRLs regulate the functions of Treg immune cells. Di Wu & Yi Sun - forthcoming - Bioessays:2200222.
    Neddylation, a ubiquitylation-like post-translational modification, is catalyzed by a cascade composed of three enzymes: E1 activating enzyme, E2 conjugating enzyme, and E3 ligase with cullins as physiological substrates. Specifically, neddylation E2 UBE2M couples with E3 RBX1 to neddylate cullins 1–4, whereas neddylation E2 UBE2F couples with E3 RBX2/SAG to neddylate cullin 5, leading to activation of CRL1-4 (Cullin-RING ligases 1–4) and CRL5, respectively. While over-activation of the neddylation-CRLs axis occurs frequently in many human cancers, how neddylation-CRLs regulate the function of (...)
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