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  1. Contexts in dynamic predicate logic.Albert Visser - 1998 - Journal of Logic, Language and Information 7 (1):21-52.
    In this paper we introduce a notion of context for Groenendijk & Stokhof's Dynamic Predicate Logic DPL. We use these contexts to give a characterization of the relations on assignments that can be generated by composition from tests and random resettings in the case that we are working over an infinite domain. These relations are precisely the ones expressible in DPL if we allow ourselves arbitrary tests as a starting point. We discuss some possible extensions of DPL and the way (...)
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  • Dynamic relation logic is the logic of DPL-Relations.Albert Visser - 1997 - Journal of Logic, Language and Information 6 (4):441-452.
    In this paper we prove that the principles in the languagewith relation composition and dynamic implication, valid forall binary relations, are the same ones as the principlesvalid when we restrict ourselves to DPL-relations,i.e. relations generated from conditions (tests) and resettings.
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  • Sequence semantics for dynamic predicate logic.C. F. M. Vermeulen - 1993 - Journal of Logic, Language and Information 2 (3):217-254.
    In this paper a semantics for dynamic predicate logic is developed that uses sequence valued assignments. This semantics is compared with the usual relational semantics for dynamic predicate logic: it is shown that the most important intuitions of the usual semantics are preserved. Then it is shown that the refined semantics reflects out intuitions about information growth. Some other issues in dynamic semantics are formulated and discussed in terms of the new sequence semantics.
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  • Defaults in update semantics.Frank Veltman - 1996 - Journal of Philosophical Logic 25 (3):221 - 261.
    The aim of this paper is twofold: (i) to introduce the framework of update semantics and to explain what kind of semantic phenomena may successfully be analysed in it: (ii) to give a detailed analysis of one such phenomenon: default reasoning.
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  • Program constructions that are safe for bisimulation.Johan Van Benthem - 1998 - Studia Logica 60 (2):311-330.
    It has been known since the seventies that the formulas of modal logic are invariant for bisimulations between possible worlds models — while conversely, all bisimulation-invariant first-order formulas are modally definable. In this paper, we extend this semantic style of analysis from modal formulas to dynamic program operations. We show that the usual regular operations are safe for bisimulation, in the sense that the transition relations of their values respect any given bisimulation for their arguments. Our main result is a (...)
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  • Language in action.Johan Van Benthem - 1991 - Journal of Philosophical Logic 20 (3):225-263.
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  • Dynamic predicate logic.Jeroen Groenendijk & Martin Stokhof - 1991 - Linguistics and Philosophy 14 (1):39-100.
    This paper is devoted to the formulation and investigation of a dynamic semantic interpretation of the language of first-order predicate logic. The resulting system, which will be referred to as ‘dynamic predicate logic’, is intended as a first step towards a compositional, non-representational theory of discourse semantics. In the last decade, various theories of discourse semantics have emerged within the paradigm of model-theoretic semantics. A common feature of these theories is a tendency to do away with the principle of compositionality, (...)
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  • Modal Logic and Process Algebra: A Bisimulation Perspective.Alban Ponse - 1995 - Stanford Univ Center for the Study.
    A collection of papers by leading researchers in modal logic and theoretical computer science.
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