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  1. Conceptual Issues in Nursing Ethics Research.Joy Hinson Penticuff - 1991 - Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 16 (3):235-258.
    Empirical studies that have attempted to describe nurses' ethical practice have used conceptual frameworks derived primarily from the disciplines of bioethics and psychology. These frameworks have not incorporated important concepts developed by nursing theorists over the past two decades. This article points out flaws in the past research frameworks and proposes a synthesis of ethical theory, nursing practice contexts, and empirical research methods to enrich theoretical development in nursing ethics. Keywords: ethics, ethics studies, nursing, theory development CiteULike Connotea Del.icio.us What's (...)
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  • Managed Care at the Bedside: How Do We Look in the Moral Mirror?Edmund D. Pellegrino - 1997 - Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal 7 (4):321-330.
    : Managed care per se is a morally neutral concept; however, as practiced today, it raises serious ethical issues at the clinical, managerial, and social levels. This essay focuses on the ethical issues that arise at the bedside, looking first at the ethical conflicts faced by the physician who is charged with responsibility for care of the patient and then turning to the way in which managed care exacts costs that are measured not in dollars but in compromises in the (...)
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  • Nursing Ethics Into the Next Millennium: A Context-Sensitive Approach for Nursing Ethics.K. Lutzen - 1997 - Nursing Ethics 4 (3):218-226.
    The aim of this article is to argue for the need for a context-sensitive approach to the understanding of ethical issues in nursing practice as we face the next millennium. This approach means that the idea of universalism must be questioned because ethics is an interpersonal activity, set in a specific context. This view is based on issues that arise in international collaborative research as well as in research focused on ethical problems in nursing practice. Moral values are indigenous to (...)
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  • The Ethical Behavior of Retail Managers.John Paul Fraedrich - 1993 - Journal of Business Ethics 12 (3):207 - 218.
    A measure of ethics termed ethical behavior (EB) is postulated and tested across the moral philosophy types of managers. The findings suggest that certain managers, classified as rule deontologists, appear to rank higher on the EB scale than any other philosophy type tested.
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  • Principal/Agent Theory and Decisionmaking in Health Care.Allen Buchanan - 1988 - Bioethics 2 (4):317-333.
    This essay has two aims: The first is to demonstrate that the basic conceptual framework of principal/agent theory can be fruitfully applied to decisionmaking in health care and in such a way as to facilitate the more efficient pursuit of the moral values of individual well-being and autonomy which health care is supposed to promote. The second is to show that this application results in an enrichment of principal/agent theory itself, by removing some of the limitations on the theory that (...)
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