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Franz Brentano, La psicología de Aristóteles

Ediciones Universidad San Dámaso (2015)

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  1. Brentano’s Relation to Aristotle.Rolf George - 1978 - Grazer Philosophische Studien 5 (1):249-266.
    The paper tries to illustrate the influence of Aristotle's thought upon Brentano by arguing that the view that all psychological phenomena have objects was proably derived from the Aristotelian conception that the mind can know itself only en parergo, and that this knowledge presupposes that some other thing be in the mind "objectively". Brentano's contribution to Aristotle scholarship is illustrated by reviewing some of his arguments against Zeller's claim that Aristotle's God, contemplating only himself, is ignorant of the world. The (...)
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  • Franz Brentano: „Grossvater der Phänomenologie“.Wilhelm Baumgartner - 2003 - Studia Phaenomenologica 3 (1):15-58.
  • A New Look at the Prime Mover.David Bradshaw - 2001 - Journal of the History of Philosophy 39 (1):1-22.
  • Franz Brentano: equivocidad del ser y objeto intencional.Mario Ariel González Porta - 2002 - Kriterion: Journal of Philosophy 43 (105):97-118.
  • Brentano and Aristotle on the Ontology of Intentionality.A. Chrudzimski - 2013 - In Fisette Denis & Fréchette Guillaume (eds.), Themes from Brentano. Rodopi.
    It is often claimed that Brentano’s rediscovery of intentionality has been strongly influenced by Aristotle. Brentano himself stressed repeatedly his affinity to Aristotle and this self-interpretation was by no means restricted to the theory of intentionality. In fact, Brentano seemed to believe that almost all of what he had discovered during his most influential years (1874–1895) has its more or less remote roots in the philosophy of Aristotle. Yet if we carefully compare the picture of intentionality that is to be (...)
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  • Intentionality and Isomorphism in Aristotle.Christopher Shields - 1995 - Proceedings of the Boston Area Colloquium of Ancient Philosophy 11:307-30.
  • Franz Brentano.Wilhelm Baumgartner - 2004 - In Arkadiusz Chrudzimski & Wolfgang Huemer (eds.), Phenomenology and Analysis: Essays on Central European Philosophy. Ontos.
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