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  1. The Varieties of Goodness. [REVIEW]Philippa Foot - 1965 - Philosophical Review 74 (2):240-244.
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  • Three Methods of Ethics: A Debate.Robert Shaver, Marcia W. Baron, Philip Pettit & Michael Slote - 2000 - Philosophical Review 109 (1):125.
    In The Methods of Ethics, Sidgwick took seriously egoism, utilitarianism, and commonsense morality. Virtue ethics was treated as part of commonsense morality. Three Methods, reflecting recent tastes, considers Kant, consequentialism, and virtue ethics. Oddly, it does not reflect the major development since Sidgwick—the revival of contractualism.
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  • Internalism and the good for a person.Connie S. Rosati - 1996 - Ethics 106 (2):297-326.
    Proponents of numerous recent theories of a person's good hold that a plausible account of the good for a person must satisfy existence internalism. Yet little direct defense has been given for this position. I argue that the principal intuition behind internalism supports a stronger version of the thesis than it might appear--one that effects a "double link" to motivation. I then identify and develop the main arguments that have been or might be given in support of internalism about a (...)
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  • Restrictive consequentialism.Philip Pettit & Geoffrey Brennan - 1986 - Australasian Journal of Philosophy 64 (4):438 – 455.
    paper offers both explication and defence. Standard consequentialism is a theory of decision. It attempts to identify, for any set of alternative options, that which it is right that an agent should..
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  • Consequentialism and respect for persons.Philip Pettit - 1989 - Ethics 100 (1):116-126.
  • Theism, morality and the 'Why should I be moral?' question.John Bishop - 1985 - International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 17 (1/2):3.
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  • What Is Virtue Ethics All about?Gregory Velazco Y. Trianosky - 1990 - American Philosophical Quarterly 27 (4):335 - 344.
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