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  1. What is Life? The Physical Aspect of the Living Cell.Erwin Schrödinger - 1944 - Cambridge University Press.
  • The Phenomenological Mind: An Introduction to Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science.Shaun Gallagher & Dan Zahavi - 2007 - Routledge.
    The Phenomenological Mind is the first book to properly introduce fundamental questions about the mind from the perspective of phenomenology. Key questions and topics covered include: What is phenomenology? naturalizing phenomenology and the empirical cognitive sciences phenomenology and consciousness consciousness and self-consciousness, including perception and action time and consciousness, including William James intentionality the embodied mind action knowledge of other minds situated and extended minds phenomenology and personal identity Interesting and important examples are used throughout, including phantom limb syndrome, blindsight (...)
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  • The Boundaries of Consciousness: Neurobiology and Neuropathology: Progress in Brain Research.Steven Laureys (ed.) - 1963 - Elsevier.
    Consciousness is one of the most significant scientific problems today. Renewed interest in the nature of consciousness - a phenomenon long considered not to be scientifically explorable, as well as increasingly widespread availability of multimodal functional brain imaging techniques (EEG, ERP, MEG, fMRI and PET), now offer the possibility of detailed, integrated exploration of the neural, behavioral, and computational correlates of consciousness. The present volume aims to confront the latest theoretical insights in the scientific study of human consciousness with the (...)
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  • Vision.David Marr - 1982 - W. H. Freeman.
  • The Boundaries of Consciousness: Neurobiology and Neuropathology.Steven Laureys - 2005 - Elsevier.
    The interest of this is threefold. First, patients with altered states of consciousness continue to represent a major clinical problem in terms of clinical assessment of consciousness and daily management.
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  • The Paradox of Self-Consciousness: Representation and Mind.José Luis Bermúdez - 1998 - MIT Press.
  • Vision: Variations on Some Berkeleian Themes.Robert Schwartz & David Marr - 1985 - Philosophical Review 94 (3):411.
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  • Video Ergo Sum: Manipulating Bodily Self-Consciousness.Bigna Lenggenhager, Tej Tadi, Thomas Metzinger & Olaf Blanke - 2007 - Science 317 (5841):1096-1099.
    Genes adjacent to species-specific loci are 6.2% older than genes adjacent to other dynamic loci (P < 10−2 by randomization; gray bars in Fig. 3); thus, species-specific genes are not randomly distributed but are found preferentially in the older regions, indicating that the incipient Escherichia and Salmonella lineages continued to participate in recombination at loci unlinked to lineage-specific genes.
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  • What is Life? [REVIEW]E. N. - 1946 - Journal of Philosophy 43 (7):194.
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  • Cognitive Neuroscience of Ownership and Agency☆.Lars Schwabe & Olaf Blanke - 2007 - Consciousness and Cognition 16 (3):661-666.
  • Out-of-Body Experience, Heautoscopy, and Autoscopic Hallucination of Neurological Origin. Implications for Neurocognitive Mechanisms of Corporeal Awareness and Self Consciousness.Olaf Blanke & Christine Mohr - 2005 - Brain Research Reviews 50 (1):184-199.