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  1. The Wisdom of the Crowd in Combinatorial Problems.Sheng Kung Michael Yi, Mark Steyvers, Michael D. Lee & Matthew J. Dry - 2012 - Cognitive Science 36 (3):452-470.
    The “wisdom of the crowd” phenomenon refers to the finding that the aggregate of a set of proposed solutions from a group of individuals performs better than the majority of individual solutions. Most often, wisdom of the crowd effects have been investigated for problems that require single numerical estimates. We investigate whether the effect can also be observed for problems where the answer requires the coordination of multiple pieces of information. We focus on combinatorial problems such as the planar Euclidean (...)
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  • Inferring Expertise in Knowledge and Prediction Ranking Tasks.Michael D. Lee, Mark Steyvers, Mindy de Young & Brent Miller - 2012 - Topics in Cognitive Science 4 (1):151-163.
    We apply a cognitive modeling approach to the problem of measuring expertise on rank ordering problems. In these problems, people must order a set of items in terms of a given criterion (e.g., ordering American holidays through the calendar year). Using a cognitive model of behavior on this problem that allows for individual differences in knowledge, we are able to infer people's expertise directly from the rankings they provide. We show that our model-based measure of expertise outperforms self-report measures, taken (...)
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