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  1. Justice for Hedgehogs.Ronald Dworkin - 2011 - Belknap Press of Harvard University Press.
    Baedeker -- Independence. Truth in morals -- External skepticism -- Morals and causes -- Internal skepticism -- Interpretation. Moral responsibility -- Interpretation in general -- Conceptual interpretation -- Ethics. Dignity -- Free will and responsibility -- Morality. From dignity to morality -- Aid -- Harm -- Obligations -- Politics. Political rights and concepts -- Equality -- Liberty -- Democracy -- Law -- Epilogue. Dignity indivisible.
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  • Reasons and Persons.Derek Parfit - 1984 - Oxford University Press.
    Challenging, with several powerful arguments, some of our deepest beliefs about rationality, morality, and personal identity, Parfit claims that we have a false view about our own nature. It is often rational to act against our own best interersts, he argues, and most of us have moral views that are self-defeating. We often act wrongly, although we know there will be no one with serious grounds for complaint, and when we consider future generations it is very hard to avoid conclusions (...)
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  • Sinking Cohen's Flagship — or Why People with Expensive Tastes Should Not Be Compensated.Rasmus Sommer Hansen & Søren Flinch Midtgaard - 2011 - Journal of Applied Philosophy 28 (4):341-354.
    G. A. Cohen argues that egalitarians should compensate for expensive tastes or for the fact that they are expensive. Ronald Dworkin, by contrast, regards most expensive tastes as unworthy of compensation — only if a person disidentifies with his own such tastes (i.e. wishes he did not have them) is compensation appropriate. Dworkinians appeal, inter alia, to the so-called ‘first-person’ or ‘continuity’ test. According to the continuity test, an appropriate standard of interpersonal comparison reflects people's own assessment of their relative (...)
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  • Legitimacy, Unanimity, and Perfectionism.Joseph Chan - 2000 - Philosophy and Public Affairs 29 (1):5-42.
  • Equality for the Ambitious.Andrew Williams - 2002 - Philosophical Quarterly 52 (208):377-389.
  • Reasons and Persons.Joseph Margolis - 1986 - Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 47 (2):311-327.
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  • Against Dworkin's Endorsement Constraint: T. M. Wilkinson.T. M. Wilkinson - 2003 - Utilitas 15 (2):175-193.
    Ronald Dworkin argues on the basis of a theory of well-being that critical paternalism is self-defeating. People must endorse their lives if they are to benefit. This is the endorsement constraint and this paper rejects it. For certain kinds of important mistakes that people can make in their lives, the endorsement constraint is either incredible or too narrow to rule out as much paternalism as Dworkin wants. The endorsement constraint cannot be interpreted to give sensible judgements when people change their (...)
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  • Dworkin on Capability.Andrew Williams - 2002 - Ethics 113 (1):23-39.
  • "Sovereign Virtue" Revisited.Ronald Dworkin - 2002 - Ethics 113 (1):106-143.
  • Persons, Perspectives, and Full Information Accounts of the Good.Connie S. Rosati - 1995 - Ethics 105 (2):296-325.
  • Sovereign Virtue: The Theory and Practice of Equality.R. M. Dworkin - 2002 - Philosophical Quarterly 52 (208):377-389.
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  • Review: Equality for the Ambitious. [REVIEW]Andrew Williams - 2002 - Philosophical Quarterly 52 (208):377 - 389.
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