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  1. Aristotle: The Power of Perception.Deborah K. W. Modrak - 1987 - University of Chicago Press.
  • Principles and Proofs: Aristotle’s Theory of Demonstrative Science.Richard D.: Principles and McKirahan (ed.) - 1992 - Princeton University Press.
    By a thorough study of the Posterior Analytics and related Aristotelian texts, Richard McKirahan reconstructs Aristotle's theory of episteme--science. The Posterior Analytics contains the first extensive treatment of the nature and structure of science in the history of philosophy, and McKirahan's aim is to interpret it sympathetically, following the lead of the text, rather than imposing contemporary frameworks on it. In addition to treating the theory as a whole, the author uses textual and philological as well as philosophical material to (...)
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  • Aristotle on Induction and First Principles.Marc Gasser-Wingate - 2016 - Philosophers' Imprint 16:1-20.
    Aristotle's cognitive ideal is a form of understanding that requires a sophisticated grasp of scientific first principles. At the end of the Analytics, Aristotle tells us that we learn these principles by induction. But on the whole, commentators have found this an implausible claim: induction seems far too basic a process to yield the sort of knowledge Aristotle's account requires. In this paper I argue that this criticism is misguided. I defend a broader reading of Aristotelian induction, on which there's (...)
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  • Sense-Experience and the Argument for Recollection in Plato’s Phaedo.J. T. Bedu-Addo - 1991 - Phronesis 36 (1):27 - 60.