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In Bruce Jennings (ed.), Bioethics (4th edition). Farmington Hills, MI, USA: (2014)

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  1. Human Identity and Bioethics.David DeGrazia - 2005 - Cambridge University Press.
    When philosophers address personal identity, they usually explore numerical identity: what are the criteria for a person's continuing existence? When non-philosophers address personal identity, they often have in mind narrative identity: Which characteristics of a particular person are salient to her self-conception? This book develops accounts of both senses of identity, arguing that both are normatively important, and is unique in its exploration of a range of issues in bioethics through the lens of identity. Defending a biological view of our (...)
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  • Enhancing Authenticity.Neil Levy - 2011 - Journal of Applied Philosophy 28 (3):308-318.
    Some philosophers have criticized the use of psychopharmaceuticals on the grounds that even if these drugs enhance the person using them, they threaten their authenticity. Others have replied by pointing out that the conception of authenticity upon which this argument rests is contestable; on a rival conception, psychopharmaceuticals might be used to enhance our authenticity. Since, however, it is difficult to decide between these competing conceptions of authenticity, the debate seems to end in a stalemate. I suggest that we need (...)
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  • The Ethics of Authenticity.Charles Taylor - 1992 - Harvard University Press.
    While some lament the slide of Western culture into relativism and nihilism and others celebrate the trend as a liberating sort of progress, Charles Taylor calls on us to face the moral and political crises of our time, and to make the most ...
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  • Sincerity and Authenticity.Lionel Trilling - 1972 - Harcourt Brace Jovanovich.
    Surveys Western literature and thought to reveal the evolution of the ideals of sincerity and authenticity.
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  • Listening to Prozac.Peter D. Kramer - 1994 - Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 37 (3):460.
  • Better Than Well: American Medicine Meets the American Dream.Carl Elliot - 2008 - International Journal of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics 1 (1):185-188.
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  • Picturing the Authenticity of Emotions.Felicitas Kraemer - 2009 - In Mikko Salmela & Verena Mayer (eds.), Emotions, Ethics, and Authenticity. John Benjamins. pp. 5--71.
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