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  1. The Human Sciences in a Biological Age.Nikolas Rose - 2013 - Theory, Culture and Society 30 (1):3-34.
    We live, according to some, in the century of biology, where we now understand ourselves in radically new ways as the insights of genomics and neuroscience have opened up the workings of our bodies and our minds to new kinds of knowledge and intervention. Is a new figure of the human, and of the social, taking shape in the 21st century? With what consequences for the politics of life today? And with what implications, if any, for the social, cultural and (...)
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  • Asian Eels and Global Warming:A Posthumanist Perspective on Society and the Environment.Andrew Pickering - 2005 - Ethics and the Environment 10 (2):29-43.
  • Techno-Animism in Japan: Shinto Cosmograms, Actor-Network Theory, and the Enabling Powers of Non-Human Agencies.Casper Bruun Jensen & Anders Blok - 2013 - Theory, Culture and Society 30 (2):84-115.
    In a wide range of contemporary debates on Japanese cultures of technological practice, brief reference is often made to distinct Shinto legacies, as forming an animist substratum of indigenous spiritual beliefs and cosmological imaginations. Japan has been described as a land of Shinto-infused ‘techno-animism’: exhibiting a ‘polymorphous perversity’ that resolutely ignores boundaries between human, animal, spiritual and mechanical beings. In this article, we deploy instances of Japanese techno-animism as sites of theoretical experimentation on what Bruno Latour calls a symmetrical anthropology (...)
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  • Unfinished Work.N. Katherine Hayles - 2006 - Theory, Culture and Society 23 (7-8):159-166.
    The cyborg that Donna Haraway appropriated in ‘Manifesto for Cyborgs’ as a metaphor for political action and theoretical inquiry has ceased to have the potency it did 20 years ago. While Haraway has turned from a central focus on technoculture to companion species, much important cultural work remains to be done, especially in networked and programmable media. Problems with the cyborg as a metaphor include the implication that the liberal humanist subject, however problematized by its hybridization with cybernetic mechanism, continues (...)
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  • Thinking with Animals: New Perspectives on Anthropomorphism.Lorraine Daston & Gregg Mitman - 2005 - Journal of the History of Biology 38 (3):624-626.