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  1. The K -Degrees, Low for K Degrees,and Weakly Low for K Sets.Joseph S. Miller - 2009 - Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic 50 (4):381-391.
    We call A weakly low for K if there is a c such that $K^A(\sigma)\geq K(\sigma)-c$ for infinitely many σ; in other words, there are infinitely many strings that A does not help compress. We prove that A is weakly low for K if and only if Chaitin's Ω is A-random. This has consequences in the K-degrees and the low for K (i.e., low for random) degrees. Furthermore, we prove that the initial segment prefix-free complexity of 2-random reals is infinitely (...)
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  • The Equivalence of Definitions of Algorithmic Randomness†.Christopher Porter - forthcoming - Philosophia Mathematica:nkaa039.
    ABSTRACT In this paper, I evaluate the claim that the equivalence of multiple intensionally distinct definitions of random sequence provides evidence for the claim that these definitions capture the intuitive conception of randomness, concluding that the former claim is false. I then develop an alternative account of the significance of randomness-theoretic equivalence results, arguing that they are instances of a phenomenon I refer to as schematic equivalence. On my account, this alternative approach has the virtue of providing the plurality of (...)
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  • Calibrating Randomness.Rod Downey, Denis R. Hirschfeldt, André Nies & Sebastiaan A. Terwijn - 2006 - Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 12 (3):411-491.
    We report on some recent work centered on attempts to understand when one set is more random than another. We look at various methods of calibration by initial segment complexity, such as those introduced by Solovay [125], Downey, Hirschfeldt, and Nies [39], Downey, Hirschfeldt, and LaForte [36], and Downey [31]; as well as other methods such as lowness notions of Kučera and Terwijn [71], Terwijn and Zambella [133], Nies [101, 100], and Downey, Griffiths, and Reid [34]; higher level randomness notions (...)
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  • Prefix and Plain Kolmogorov Complexity Characterizations of 2-Randomness: Simple Proofs.Bruno Bauwens - 2015 - Archive for Mathematical Logic 54 (5-6):615-629.
  • Randomness and Computability: Open Questions.Joseph S. Miller & André Nies - 2006 - Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 12 (3):390-410.
  • Algorithmic Randomness and Measures of Complexity.George Barmpalias - 2013 - Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 19 (3):318-350.
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