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  1. Towards Fractal Gravity.Karl Svozil - 2020 - Foundations of Science 25 (1):275-280.
    In an extension of speculations that physical space–time is a fractal which might itself be embedded in a high-dimensional continuum, it is hypothesized to “compensate” for local variations of the fractal dimension by instead varying the metric in such as way that the intrinsic dimensionality remains an integer. Thereby, an extrinsic fractal continuum is intrinsically perceived as a classical continuum. Conversely, it is suggested that any variation of the metric from its Euclidean form can be “shifted” to nontrivial fractal topology. (...)
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  • Idealism and the Harmony of Thought and Reality.Thomas Hofweber - 2019 - Mind 128 (511):699-734.
    Although idealism was widely defended in the history of philosophy, it is nowadays almost universally considered a non-starter. This holds in particular for a strong form of idealism, which asserts that not just minds or the mental in general, but our human minds in particular are metaphysically central to reality. Such a view seems to be excessively anthropocentric and contrary to what we by now know about our place in the universe. Nonetheless, there is reason to think that such a (...)
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  • Ineffability: The very concept.Sebastian Gäb - 2020 - Philosophia 48 (5):1-12.
    In this paper, I analyze the concept of ineffability: what does it mean to say that something cannot be said? I begin by distinguishing ineffability from paradox: if something cannot be said truly or without contradiction, this is not an instance of ineffability. Next, I distinguish two different meanings of ‘saying something’ which result from a fundamental ambiguity in the term ‘language’, viz. language as a system of symbols and language as a medium of communication. Accordingly, ‘ineffability’ is ambiguous, too, (...)
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  • Ineffability: Reply to Professors Metz and Cooper.Guy Bennett-Hunter - 2016 - Philosophia 44 (4):1267–1287.
    In the first two sections of this reply article, I provide a brief introduction to the topic of ineffability and a summary of Ineffability and Religious Experience. This is followed, in section 3, by some reflections in reply to the response articles by Professors Metz and Cooper. Section 4 presents some concluding remarks on the future of philosophy of religion in the light of the most recent philosophical work on ineffability.
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