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  1. Τhe Multiple Temporalities of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) in Greece.Marilena Pateraki - 2019 - Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 22 (3):353-362.
    This contribution intends to explore patients’ lived experience, with a focus on the temporal dimension. On the basis of a qualitative study that led me to interview persons with Parkinson’s disease, caregivers, and medical professionals, I develop an empirical and philosophical investigation of the temporalities surrounding the implementation of deep brain stimulation in Greece. I raise the issue of access to DBS medical care, and show how distinct temporalities are implied when the patients face such a matter: that of linear (...)
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  • H Omo Faber Revisited: Postphenomenology and Material Engagement Theory.Don Ihde & Lambros Malafouris - 2019 - Philosophy and Technology 32 (2):195-214.
    Humans, more than any other species, have been altering their paths of development by creating new material forms and by opening up to new possibilities of material engagement. That is, we become constituted through making and using technologies that shape our minds and extend our bodies. We make things which in turn make us. This ongoing dialectic has long been recognised from a deep-time perspective. It also seems natural in the present in view of the ways new materialities and digital (...)
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  • The Beauty of the Beast: The Matter of Meaning in Digitalization. [REVIEW]Anna Croon Fors - 2010 - AI and Society 25 (1):27-33.
    Digitalization reveals the world in new varieties and forms. This power to unveil not only transforms human outreach and actions, but also changes our conceptions; about whom we are, about our uses and about human horizons for sense-making. In this paper, I explore experience design and the aesthetic turn in contemporary research in human–computer interaction and interaction design. This rather recent interest in aesthetic experience is in my view a move away from a view of digitalization as instances of objects (...)
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  • The Borg–Eye and the We–I. The Production of a Collective Living Body Through Wearable Computers.Nicola Liberati - 2020 - AI and Society 35 (1):39-49.
    The aim of this work is to analyze the constitution of a new collective subject thanks to wearable computers. Wearable computers are emerging technologies which are supposed to become pervasively used in the near future. They are devices designed to be on us every single moment of our life and to capture every experience we have. Therefore, we need to be prepared to such intrusive devices and to analyze potential effect they will have on us and our society. Thanks to (...)
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  • Erratum To: Hermeneutics of Technologically Mediated Listening.Arun Kumar Tripathi - 2017 - AI and Society 32 (2):307-307.