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  1. A Dichotomy for Some Elementarily Generated Modal Logics.Stanislav Kikot - 2015 - Studia Logica 103 (5):1063-1093.
    In this paper we consider the normal modal logics of elementary classes defined by first-order formulas of the form \. We prove that many properties of these logics, such as finite axiomatisability, elementarity, axiomatisability by a set of canonical formulas or by a single generalised Sahlqvist formula, together with modal definability of the initial formula, either simultaneously hold or simultaneously do not hold.
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  • An Extension of Kracht's Theorem to Generalized Sahlqvist Formulas.Stanislav Kikot - 2009 - Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logics 19 (2):227-251.
    Sahlqvist formulas are a syntactically specified class of modal formulas proposed by Hendrik Sahlqvist in 1975. They are important because of their first-order definability and canonicity, and hence axiomatize complete modal logics. The first-order properties definable by Sahlqvist formulas were syntactically characterized by Marcus Kracht in 1993. The present paper extends Kracht's theorem to the class of ‘generalized Sahlqvist formulas' introduced by Goranko and Vakarelov and describes an appropriate generalization of Kracht formulas.
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  • Non-Finitely Axiomatisable Modal Product Logics with Infinite Canonical Axiomatisations.Christopher Hampson, Stanislav Kikot, Agi Kurucz & Sérgio Marcelino - 2020 - Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 171 (5):102786.
    Our concern is the axiomatisation problem for modal and algebraic logics that correspond to various fragments of two-variable first-order logic with counting quantifiers. In particular, we consider modal products with Diff, the propositional unimodal logic of the difference operator. We show that the two-dimensional product logic $Diff \times Diff$ is non-finitely axiomatisable, but can be axiomatised by infinitely many Sahlqvist axioms. We also show that its ‘square’ version (the modal counterpart of the substitution and equality free fragment of two-variable first-order (...)
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  • The McKinsey–Lemmon Logic is Barely Canonical.Robert Goldblatt & Ian Hodkinson - 2007 - Australasian Journal of Logic 5:1-19.
    We study a canonical modal logic introduced by Lemmon, and axiomatised by an infinite sequence of axioms generalising McKinsey’s formula. We prove that the class of all frames for this logic is not closed under elementary equivalence, and so is non-elementary. We also show that any axiomatisation of the logic involves infinitely many non-canonical formulas.
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  • Axiomatizing Hybrid Logic Using Modal Logic.Ian Hodkinson & Louis Paternault - 2010 - Journal of Applied Logic 8 (4):386-396.
  • The Bounded Fragment and Hybrid Logic with Polyadic Modalities.Ian Hodkinson - 2010 - Review of Symbolic Logic 3 (2):279-286.
    We show that the bounded fragment of first-order logic and the hybrid language with and operators are equally expressive even with polyadic modalities, but that their fragments are equally expressive only for unary modalities.
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