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  1. Partitions of Products.Carlos A. Di Prisco & James M. Henle - 1993 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 58 (3):860-871.
  • The Wonder of Colors and the Principle of Ariadne.Walter Carnielli & Carlos di Prisco - 2017 - In How Colours Matter to Philosophy. New . York: Springer. pp. 309-317.
    The Principle of Ariadne, formulated in 1988 ago by Walter Carnielli and Carlos Di Prisco and later published in 1993, is an infinitary principle that is independent of the Axiom of Choice in ZF, although it can be consistently added to the remaining ZF axioms. The present paper surveys, and motivates, the foundational importance of the Principle of Ariadne and proposes the Ariadne Game, showing that the Principle of Ariadne, corresponds precisely to a winning strategy for the Ariadne Game. Some (...)
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  • The Consistency of One Fixed Omega.J. M. Henle - 1995 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 60 (1):172-177.
    The paper "Partitions of Products" [DiPH] investigated the polarized partition relation $\begin{pmatrix}\omega\\\omega\\\omega\\\vdots\end{pmatrix} \rightarrow \begin{pmatrix}\alpha_1\\\alpha_1\\\alpha_2\\\vdots \end{pmatrix}$ The relation is consistent relative to an inaccessible cardinal if every α i is finite, but inconsistent if two are infinite. We show here that it consistent (relative to an inaccessible) for one to be infinite. Along the way, we prove an interesting proposition from ZFC concerning partitions of the finite subsets of ω.
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