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  1. An Integrated Model of Clinical Reasoning: Dual‐Process Theory of Cognition and Metacognition.James A. Marcum - 2012 - Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 18 (5):954-961.
  • Polanyi's Tacit Knowing and the Relevance of Epistemology to Clinical Medicine.Stephen G. Henry - 2010 - Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 16 (2):292-297.
    Most clinicians take for granted a simple, reductionist understanding of medical knowledge that is at odds with how they actually practice medicine; routine medical decisions incorporate more complicated kinds of information than most standard accounts of medical reasoning suggest. A better understanding of the structure and function of knowledge in medicine can lead to practical improvements in clinical medicine. This understanding requires some familiarity with epistemology, the study of knowledge and its structure, in medicine. Michael Polanyi's theory of tacit knowing (...)
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  • Evidence-Based Medicine: A Genealogy of the Dominant Science of Medical Education.Ariane Hanemaayer - 2016 - Journal of Medical Humanities 37 (4):449-473.
    Debates about how knowledge is made and valued in evidence-based medicine have yet to understand what discursive, social, and historical conditions allowed the EBM approach to stabilize and proliferate across western medical education. This paper uses a genealogical approach to examine the epistemological tensions that emerged as a result of various problematizations of uncertainty in medical practice. I explain how the problematization of uncertainty in the literature and the contingency of specific social, political, economic, and historical relations allowed the EBM (...)
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  • Tacit Clues and the Science of Clinical Judgement [a Commentary on Henry Et Al.].Hillel D. Braude - 2011 - Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 17 (5):940-943.
  • Miriam Solomon: Making Medical Knowledge: Oxford University Press, 2015, 261 Pp, $60.00, ISBN: 978-0-19-873261-7.Hillel Braude - 2016 - Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics 37 (5):433-436.
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  • Human All Too Human Reasoning: Comparing Clinical and Phenomenological Intuition.H. D. Braude - 2013 - Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 38 (2):173-189.
    This paper compares clinical intuition and phenomenological intuition. I begin with a brief analysis of Husserl’s conception of intuition. Second, I review the attitude toward clinical intuition by physicians and philosophers. Third, I discuss the Aristotelian conception of intellectual intuition or nous and its relation to phronesis. Phronesis provides a philosophical ground for clinical intuition by linking medicine as both a techné and praxis. Considering medicine as a techné, Pellegrino and Thomasma exclude clinical intuitions from their philosophy of medicine. However, (...)
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  • Mechanisms: What Are They Evidence for in Evidence-Based Medicine?Holly Andersen - 2012 - Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 18 (5):992-999.
    Even though the evidence‐based medicine movement (EBM) labels mechanisms a low quality form of evidence, consideration of the mechanisms on which medicine relies, and the distinct roles that mechanisms might play in clinical practice, offers a number of insights into EBM itself. In this paper, I examine the connections between EBM and mechanisms from several angles. I diagnose what went wrong in two examples where mechanistic reasoning failed to generate accurate predictions for how a dysfunctional mechanism would respond to intervention. (...)
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