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A Family of Kripke Contingency Logics

Theoria 86 (4):482-499 (2020)

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  1. Contrariety Re-encountered: Nonstandard Contraries and Internal Negation*.Lloyd Humberstone - forthcoming - Logic Journal of the IGPL.
    This discussion explores the possibility of distinguishing a tighter notion of contrariety evident in the Square of Opposition, especially in its modal incarnations, than as that binary relation holding statements that cannot both be true, with or without the added rider ‘though can both be false’. More than one theorist has voiced the intuition that the paradigmatic contraries of the traditional Square are related in some such tighter way—involving the specific role played by negation in contrasting them—that distinguishes them from (...)
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  • A Unified Logic for Contingency and Accident.Jie Fan - 2022 - Journal of Philosophical Logic 51 (4):693-720.
    As shown in Fan, there are some similarities/resemblances between contingency and accident. Given this, one may naturally ask if we can unify the two operators to manifest all of their similarities/resemblances. In this article, instead of looking at the interactions between the two operators like in Fan, we turn our attention to the resemblances between the two operators. We extend the unification method in Fan to the current setting. The main results include some model-theoretical ones, such as expressivity, frame definability, (...)
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