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  1. Pluralism, Eliminativism, and the Definition of Art.Christopher Bartel & Jack M. C. Kwong - 2021 - Estetika 58 (2):100-113.
    Traditional monist theories of art fail to account for the diversity of objects that intuitively strike many as belonging to the category art. Some today argue that the solution to this problem requires the adoption of some version of pluralism to account for the diversity of art. We examine one recent attempt, which holds that the correct account of art must recognize the plurality of concepts of art. However, we criticize this account of concept pluralism as being unable to offer (...)
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Eliminativism, Misc
  1. Materialism, Symmetry and Eliminativism in the Latest Latour.Lucía Lewowicz - 2003 - Social Epistemology 17 (4):381 – 400.
    In this paper, part of the ideas developed in Lewowicz (2000) will be reconsidered in the light of Pandora's Hope (1999a) - one of the latest publications of Bruno Latour. We will ponder the significance of these ideas and some of the incidental advances or retreats of the views of this author in the last 20 years. Although we still believe that, from the ontological point of view, Latour's philosophy is materialistic - then eliminativist - and not ontological relativist (contrary (...)
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