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  1. A Justificação Prática Nas Ciências Morais: Tomás de Aquino Leitor da Ética Aristotélica.Pedro Konzen Capra - 2022 - Dissertation, Federal University of Rio Grande Do Sul
  2. Good, Actually: Aristotelian Metaphysics and the ‘Guise of the Good’.Adam M. Willows - 2022 - Philosophy 97 (2):187-205.
    In this paper I argue that both defence and criticism of the claim that humans act ‘under the guise of the good’ neglects the metaphysical roots of the theory. I begin with an overview of the theory and its modern commentators, with critics noting the apparent possibility of acting against the good, and supporters claiming that such actions are instances of error. These debates reduce the ‘guise of the good’ to a claim about intention and moral action, and in so (...)
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  3. Lust auf Kuchen: Rationale Durchdringung und Arten der Begierde bei Thomas.Oliver I. Toth - 2021 - Deutsche Zeitschrift für Philosophie 69 (3):480-485.
    In this review of Dominik Perler’s book Eine Person sein, Perler’s reconstruction of the relationship between Thomas Aquinas’s unitarist position and his theory of incontinence is analyzed. Perler argues that the unitarist position of Thomas allowes him to conceive of incontinence as a weakness of the whole psychological system of the person. Unlike the mad person, the incontinent has responsibility because she has preserved a degree of rational control. Perler argues that the incontinent person is not responsible for the spontaneous (...)
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