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    John Rawls: Debating the Major Questions.Sarah Roberts-Cady & Jon Mandle (eds.) - 2020 - Oup Usa.
    John Rawls is widely considered one of the most important political philosophers of the 20th century, and his highly original and influential works play a central role in contemporary philosophical debates. Given the vast scholarship written in response to his work, students and scholars need some guidance in finding and understanding the central debates and arguments. This book meets this need like no other collection has before. This collection of original essays is divided into ten parts, with each part covering (...)
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  2. Against Retributive Justifications of the Death Penalty.Sarah Roberts-Cady - 2010 - Journal of Social Philosophy 41 (2):185-193.
    From the article's conclusion: "This article does not challenge the coherence of retributive theory nor does it challenge the consistency of a retributive theorist who supports the death penalty. I have only argued that one cannot justify the death penalty simply by establishing the claim that wrongdoers deserve punishment which fits the crime. Unless one is willing to condone all sorts of barbaric punishments, then one must appeal to additional ethical considerations to establish which equivalent (or roughly equivalent or proportional) (...)
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    The Case for Preserving Bears Ears.Justin McBrayer & Sarah Roberts-Cady - 2018 - Ethics, Policy and Environment 21 (1):48-51.
    In December of 2017, President Trump reduced the size of Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante Monuments by 2 million acres. Conservatives rejoiced, and progressives railed. Yet neither side has clearly identified the moral facets of the situation. The crucial moral question is this: How ought public property be regulated to protect landscapes with cultural significance? We offer criteria for determining when something has cultural value and argue that the moral merits of the present case turn on whether the reduction adequately (...)
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  4. Rawls on Global Economic Justice: A Critical Examination.Jon Mandle & Sarah Roberts-Cady (eds.) - 2020 - Oxford University Press.
  5. Extending Rawlsian Justice to Nonhuman Animals.Sarah Roberts-Cady - 2020 - In John Rawls: Debating the Major Questions. New York, NY, USA: pp. 273-284.
  6. France and the Ban on the Full-Face Veil.Sarah Roberts-Cady - 2014 - In Introducing Ethics: A Critical Thinking Approach with Readings. New York: pp. 635-643.
    This article considers the appropriate limits of legal regulation through an analysis of the 2010 French law banning the wearing of full-face veils in public. The author examines the law from the perspective of John Stuart Mill's harm principle and Patrick Devlin's legal moralism. The author concludes that neither position provides a convincing justification for the French law.
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  7. Rethinking Justice with Levinas.Sarah Roberts-Cady - 2009 - In Desmond Manderson (ed.), Essays on Levinas and Law: A Mosaic. Palgrave-Macmillan.
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    Conflict of Interest in Industry-Sponsored Clinical Research.Sarah Roberts-Cady - 2010 - International Journal of Applied Philosophy 24 (1):47-59.
    Private industry funds more than half of all medical research in the United States. While industry involvement in research has benefits, it can also create conflicts of interest. The most common policies adopted to address conflict of interest in medical research are focused primarily on the ways in which industry sponsorship may undermine a clinician’s judgment regarding patient care. Insufficient attention has been given to the ways in which industry sponsorship may undermine judgment relative to the goal of scientific integrity (...)
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    Justice and Forgiveness.Sarah Roberts-Cady - 2003 - Philosophy Today 47 (3):293-304.